The timeline tune

Listen to the tune

Listen to the tune

Many years ago in the beginning
God created through His Mighty Word
The heavens and the earth and all there’s in it
The flowers and the birds, the sea and shore

History started with a firm decision
A covenant of love was there to make
And all along the line this was His vision
He provided all, whatever it would take  

This is the timeline of history
Of what has passed, and what will be
Six thousand years on a melody
For you and me

A single man eventually was chosen
An ark to build, to cover all the sin
The world turned upside down because they blowed it
The Lord of all, He made a new begin

Soon they started building Babel’s tower
A unity, yes it was a look a like
To make themselves a name, but they went nowhere
So God confused their language overnight


In the ancient world He chose a family
Set aside, but His goal was still the same
In between the powers of the moment
He wanted them to glorify His name

Centuries of up and downs to follow
They imitated sin and went astray
The covenant of love was sadly broken
So He had to send His people far away


Once again our Maker showed us mercy
He wanted all to see His true intend
But pride and isolation started growing
as His nation only focused on their land

Now everyone, be in wonder of this story
And listen to what happened later on
For God so loved the world, He paid it for us
Salvation through the ransom of His Son



No lie or doubt will ever more deceive us
Cause we know that we can trust Him all the way
He gave His life, His own Messiah Jesus
The covenant of love is here to stay

Everyday His family keeps growing
In all the nations, tongues and tribes we sing
No look-a-like in our days will fool us
When He returns, forever He’ll be King


Music & Lyrics © – Peter Groot
Performed by: family Groot, July 2023