The migration of all nations

From the cradle of Babel all nations migrated around the world. They took with them similar stories, traditions, and symbols.

The Babel-project has become the starting point for humanity to try and form a community outside the influence of God. It is the exact opposite of God's own intentions. After all, He wants to create a community of people to live with forever [see: the eternal future]. In our days secret societies still keep this ancient legacy of Babel alive. In their own books they refer to this earliest history as the starting point of its legacy. Would it still be possible to get this old unfinished project off the ground?

The strive towards a one world community on earth, which promises peace, happiness, and prosperity without God, is becoming more and more apparent in our days. To get better insight into this topic go to [a global pact]. Creating a new world order is presented as the only possible solution to every type of crisis. All kinds of organizations are involved in this historical endeavor, such as the United Nations, Freemasonry, and the World Economic Forum. They all promote the coming of a world government, a world economy, and a one world spirituality. At first sight it all may seem like separate initiatives that have come about spontaneously, but behind the scenes it comes together. In the timeline you will discover who is the captain of this dubious team [V-Power back on the world stage]. We’ll see that in terms of religion and ideology they all draw on the ancient heritage of Babel.

Language Families

Many of the thousands of languages ​​that can be found worldwide are in some kind of way related. The languages can be grouped into language families. There are a number of families ​​that are so different compared to others, that they cannot (yet) be understood as variants of other language groups. Currently, the number of language families is estimated around 90, but it is possible that a few unknown connections will be found in the future. This is remarkably close to the number of migrating nations, which are mentioned in Genesis 10-11 (78 in total). After the dispersal of Babylon, they dispersed over the face of the earth. Read more about this very interesting topic on this site:

Echo in China

The nations that left Babylon took their knowledge and experience with them. It is therefore not surprising that these stories can be found all over the world. For instance, the most ancient Chinese characters echo biblical history as recorded in the beginning of Genesis. Listen to a brief explanation of the Chinese characters here (active auto translate if possible):

In fact, before Tao and Confucius arrived on the scene, China had a "monotheistic" religion for thousands of years, in which Shang-di was worshiped as the only true God. Under [God's family continues to grow] you can learn about the surprising fact that monotheism, not polytheism, is the most original religion worldwide. Shang-di had the same character as 'the God of the Old Testament'. Here's a Chinese pastor who is doing a talk about the subject: Chinese Bible History: EL Shang Di

Pyramids and Towers

Ever since the peoples migrated around the world from the cradle of Babel, they have brought with them similar religious ideas and customs [also see: Ancient Babel mingles among the nations]. For example, in all corners of the world temples can be found in a very similar pyramid-like construction. Religious symbols, such as the sun wheel, are also found everywhere. That makes perfect sense when you take the Biblical account as it presents itself.

The Bible predicts that at the end of history there will once again emerge a system that will have the characteristics of Babylon. Part of this system will be the development of a religion that is forced upon the total world population (by the way, 'Bab-el' means 'gate of god'). Is such a thing really possible? It seems like an impossible task, given the number of religions, traditions and worldviews around. Still, it will turn out not so complicated to mingle the world's religions together again as they all have a common origin. Read more about the rapid developments of the ecumenical movement in [toward unity without Jesus].

Family tree of the world population

Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson published his Traced study in 2022. Using the properties of the Y-chromosome and the available empirical genome studies, he has been able to start reconstructing our human family tree. In the model, the entire human race is traced back to a start with just three families. Since the start with these families up till the total current world population, a period of no more than 4,500 years has elapsed.

The family tree that arises from this model can be tested by comparing it with history as it is known to us. Real history should have left its echo in the DNA traces. If the model indeed runs parallel to history, this would be a very strong indication of its reliability. And this turns out to be case. Traced is a rock-solid model that turns conventional theories about the origin and migration of the world's population on its head. If you feel this is contra intuitive to what you know, consider some of the basics of genetic development, which is presented in the study as well. Things can change much quicker than you are likely inclined to think. More information about this fantastic and ground-breaking research can be found in [the origin of all nations].  

Read more about it in the Bible

  • Genesis 10-11
  • Acts 17 : 15-34
  • Revelation 7 : 9-17