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Knowledge about the development of the world population influences the way you view the past. How?

Explanation of the numbers

The graph below shows the explosion in population growth over the past three hundred years.

You can easily see that the population levels were a lot lower for a long period of time. We have quite reliable estimates about the time since 1000 BC (so, about 3000 years ago). At that time there about 50 million people inhabited our beautiful planet. Earlier numbers are more difficult to give, but a realistic estimate is possible. At least, the Bible provides us with two clear benchmarks: creation (2 people) and the worldwide flood (8 people). Based on recent publications, these numbers can be substantiated due to our insight into the genetic family tree [more information: the origin of all nations].

A reference work on population growth is: McEvedy & Jones (1978) McEvedy, C. and Jones, R. 1978. Atlas of World Population History . Middlesex, England: Penguin Books. Their estimates for the pre-Columbian period are outdated, but for the rest they provide reliable clues.

Highlighting events in population growth.

1 - The first man and woman

The account in Genesis tells how our world began. Not hundreds of millions of years ago and not with ape-men, but with a powerful decree of the Creator. Our life is incredibly wonderful and is a testimony of God who conceived and made all this [a beautiful creation instead of a blind evolution].

When human DNA was mapped, around the year 2000, one of the remarkable conclusions was that all humans eventually belong together. It's one family. The New York Times published a nice article about it: Angier, N. (2000, August 22). Do Races Differ? Not Really, Genes Show.

Nytimes.com. https://www.nytimes.com/2000/08/22/science/do-races-differ-not-really-genes-show.html.

Paul said this some 1950 years earlier during his meeting on the Areopagus of Athens (Acts 17). There is only one human race. This has been the storyline of the Bible from the very beginning. The world's population started 6000 years ago, with one man and one woman. So, take a look around, everyone single person you see is family!

2 - A fresh start with eight people

The world population has not grown continuously since that start. At a certain point our ancestors have slipped so far that God deemed it necessary to introduce a 'Great reset'. This took place about 4,500 years ago. [the catastrophe of the flood] has not only profoundly changed the geology of our earth, but most of all, it also restarted the count for humanity. Nobody on the planet survived this event, save eight people. From these three families the total present world population originated (Genesis 10 : 32). This timescale doesn't fit the mainstream models taught in the classrooms. But nevertheless, it's true. If you are up for a challenge, find out more in [the origin of all nations].

3 - The 2nd coming of Jesus.

The timeline tells the history of God's great project. Through all generations Gods is creating a community of people, with whom He will live together forever in a covenant of love [the eternal future]. But world history has shown that this plan in a sense is fragile. It is not to be achieved by display of power, manipulation, and censorship, but it entails [the risk of love]. Humanity went its own way. Incredible as it is, not everyone wants to be part of God's wonderful future. Instead, we prefer to believe in the lie of a self-invented life. We are building our own Tower of Babel and try to create our own happiness, both personally and on a global scale. This, of course, has consequences.

Jesus is going to come again, not as a carpenter's son, but as the CEO of the universe. Discover what will happen on the final Day of world history in [the great day], [a desolate earth] and [God's people gain insight into world history]. During this climax, at the consummation of world history, the world population counter is reset to zero. This will remain so until God establishes the new heaven and the new earth. By that time, Gods people will inhabit the new earth and it will be finally fulfilled what Jesus has promised to His people two thousand years ago:

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5, a renewed earth).

Hopefully as many people as possible will be present in this eternal future. Will you be part of God’s everlasting, peaceful kingdom too?

Read about it in the Bible

  • Genesis 1 on the origin of mankind.
  • Genesis 10 about the origin of all present people groups.
  • Luke 2 on the great census of August.
  • Acts 17:15-32 conversation about the one human race
  • Revelation 7:9-10, talking about God's people, gathered from all peoples, tribes, and languages